How Kim Baker revved
up his vintage car business
– and an industry


Dubbed “king of the road”, Corvette racer Kim Baker is a legend both on the racetrack and online. Hear how his business Vintage Race Car Sales revolutionized the industry with smarter online marketing.

Best in the biz

Kim has enjoyed a colorful career. The pro race car driver, team owner, crew chief, and engine builder is a multi-national championship winner across the board. And his Bakeracing team are production-based racing legends.

Success means to me being the best at whatever I am currently doing, while enjoying it.

After a glittering career racing cars, Kim turned to selling them. Vintage Race Car Sales became the first business of its kind to market online. As others continued advertising in vintage racing magazines, Kim saw it as a waste of time and money – especially as it took 60 days to see an ad in print.

So his team went online. After a false start with another provider, they moved to GetResponse and haven’t looked back.

Need for speed

Today, Kim’s business has the largest market share – and he keeps it running like a well-oiled race car: clean, fast, and efficient.

With just two staff, he plans to grow his email list with new prospects, get more customers, and automate his website.

With GetResponse, I can target my audience and get information to them in minutes – rather than weeks or months.

It’s a simple to use, affordable alternative to old-fashioned conventional advertising. In just a few minutes, anyone can create a professional-looking newsletter to proudly send to their clients.

car front car inside

Time for fun

Passionate about cars and business, Kim doesn’t see work as a chore:

I don’t and never have had work-life balance. I always work too much because I find it fun.

That being said, email saves his time – so he can focus on what he really loves: searching for the ultimate sports car.

Kim Baker

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