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GetResponse for Salesforce

Sales & Marketing Joining Forces

The GetResponse Salesforce integration adds maximum value and potential to your business. This comprehensive tool with a powerful mix of capabilities can increase your sales, strengthen customer relationships, and maximize ROI.

  • Easy database management.

    Make GetResponse Salesforce integration the hub of your contact management system for generating sales. Build queries for leads and prospects with just one click. Create new GetResponse campaigns and add contacts using Salesforce without the need to log in to your GetResponse account.

    Add and segment contacts Watch the video
  • Bi-directional synchronization.

    With bi-directional sync, your GetResponse account is entirely reflected in Salesforce, and your data is always accurate. Set it up once, synchronize your campaigns in seconds, and save time with single sign-in. Whether you’re in Salesforce or GetResponse, you always get access to your most current data and can edit your subscribers and sync contacts instantly.

    Set up synchronization Watch the video
  • Compelling messages.

    GetResponse offers a variety of tools that add great value to your Salesforce account. Create beautiful messages and save your email drafts in GetResponse, and then use them in Salesforce. Once you’re logged in to your Salesforce account, you can test and preview your messages online, and then broadcast them to your entire database.

    Sending messages from Salesforce Watch the video
  • Advanced native integration.

    We have built a native integration designed solely to match the Salesforce CRM system. We proudly claim that it is the most technically advanced integration of its kind available on the market. It ensures maximum data security and minimum spam complaints to protect your reputation. Best of all, it’s agile, intuitive and reliable.

  • Personalization & segmentation.

    Work smarter, sending only highly relevant messages, tailored to your customers’ needs. The integration supports up to 100 custom fields to help you segment your audience based on individual preferences and send unique and fully personalized messages.

  • Measurement & analytics.

    The GetResponse Salesforce app organizes all essential customer and lead statistics in one place. Now you can view newsletter stats and reports, individual contacts, and GetResponse emails each contact received. Our intelligent analytics help you measure your campaign effectiveness and learn more about customer behavior, to create tailored sales strategies.

    View analytics Watch the video
  • Flexible synchronization.

    You decide which campaigns should be synchronized and how often. Choose manual sync or schedule automatic sync daily, every 3 days, or every 7. Don’t be limited by the volume of emails sent—we rely on our dedicated servers, so your messages do not generate extra fees from Salesforce.

  • Help 24/7.

    Our Integration Experts will walk you through the setup in minutes and answer even the most complex technical questions. The GetResponse Customer Success Team is a multiple award winner for excellence and client satisfaction, helping save you time, effort, and terabytes. With a dedicated Dev Zone and Learning Center, we are fully prepared to support a smooth and seamless installation and solve your issues 24/7.

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