How Omniconvert Created a Successful Lead
Nurturing Campaign with GetResponse


Implement a lead nurturing strategy
Double the number of users

Features used

  • Forms

  • Marketing

  • Lead Scoring

  • Integrations



Increase in open rates


Increase in sign-ups

Omniconvert, the online platform for conversion optimization, provides an easy to use CRO tool that allows their customers to grow sales significantly from the same traffic. The company aggregates big data to learn, predict, and deliver insights on just one thing: maximum growth.

Ambitious as they are, the team set a challenging goal: they wanted to double their number of platform users within three years. To achieve that goal, they needed an email marketing tool to help guide and nurture customers and subscribers through the sales funnel stages: from visitor to lead to client and finally – to loyal advocate.

Here’s how they used
GetResponse to reach their goal:

  • Forms and integrations for lead generation

    To implement an effective lead nurturing strategy, the team focused on lead generation first. They started by setting up their web forms properly. A variety of pop-ups and lightboxes on the relevant landing pages allowed them to send their new subscribers relevant communication flows. The result? “Depending on the campaign, we saw our sign-up ratio improve by 3%” says Ioana Lupec, Project Manager at Omniconvert.

    At the same time, the company is using a customized integration that connects Omniconvert and GetResponse to allow quick list imports. ”Once we capture a lead from our A/B testing experiments, we import the contact into a nurturing GetResponse email sequence,” says Ioana. ”Once they answer a survey, they are immediately imported into a GetResponse email flow that suits their needs.” This helps them get more and more subscribers every day.

  • Marketing automation for lead scoring

    Once the team was able to grow their contact list, it was time to start specific email campaigns based on user behaviors and preferences. Thanks to marketing automation, the Omniconvert team could easily distinguish subscribers who were engaged and contact them much faster.

    ”We set up notifications so our team could easily get in touch with all the people that showed an “interested” behavior. Our customers saw the improvement instantly. We got “congrats for your email” and “thank you for x,” especially when we launched a new PDF. Most importantly, we were able to reach even 52.6% open rates,” says Ioana.

    One of the key features that helps the Omniconvert team achieve success is lead scoring. It enables them to rate customer actions and use the insights to measure engagement, so communication becomes even more targeted and personal.

    ”This feature helped us improve our communication flow with our subscribers and leads,” said Lupec. ”These days, email marketing is a must-have. And lead scoring and behavioral triggering are a must-have for email marketing.”

  • Best value for the money

    The final step was to do what Omniconvert does best: increase their conversion rates on the website, so they have more people who sign up and eventually become clients. Their lead nurturing strategy was a big success. Now they send two emails per week, a task handled by just one employee.

    So why did they choose GetResponse over other solutions?

    ”The balance of costs and features was by far the best from all the tools on the market,” says Ioana Lupec. ”There isn’t any special reason not to choose GetResponse because it’s simply the best!”

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